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14 Jan , 2010:
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The essence of the EcoAct-method is a new silver alloy that we call Eco-Act-Silver. The new alloy is richer in pure silver than the normally used 925 ‰ sterling silver. Also, the alloying metals are different from the customary.

Eco-Act-Silver doesn’t require any chemical treatment to achieve its fine silvery white colour, nor does it contain any allergens.

Using Eco-Act-Silver we were able to leave out hazardous and environmentally harmful elements like sulphuric acid. Cyanic baths to electroplate jewellery with a coat of fine silver are no longer necessary. Since we don’t use any harmful chemicals, there is absolutely no risk of toxic leakages.

This ecological process -  together with our superior design, technical quality and strong emphasis on skilful handicraft -  sum up our EcoAct-philosophy.