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14 Jan , 2010:
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Jewellery collections

Our constantly growing jewellery range is composed of collections in various styles. These collections include jewellery sets as well as single pieces of jewellery. You can choose between hundreds of gold and silver pieces in all price categories. All pieces are designed by Matti Hyvärinen, the founder of the company.

Finndeer Art Design

The timeless Finndeer Art Design collection has been the cornerstone of our production for more than four decades. The Finndeer collection was established already in the 1960's and it is growing constantly. The oldest pieces are now sought after vintage jewellery. Finndeer collection is very popular especially in Scandinavian countries and Central Europe. Finndeer collection is celebrated for its high quality and style.

ill titleDi Leonardo

The pieces in Di Leonardo collection are exceptionally stylish and elegant. They are known for their superior quality and ageless design. The first pieces of Di Leonardo jewellery were created in the 1960's when big, sculptural silver pieces were a hot item. Today Di Leonardo creations are the most contemporary jewellery again. Their thrilling and gracious forms attract the eye today and forever. Di Leonardo pieces are available in two different versions, with a high gloss or a satiny finish.

 Nordic Wild Flowers

Nordic Wild Flowers collection depicts the delicate flowers of Finland’s untouched meadows. This collection captures well today’s collective longing for the untainted nature and virgin wildlife.

This collection was created by applying our new environmentally-friendly EcoAct manufacture method.

The essence of the EcoAct-method is a new silver alloy that we call Eco-Act-Silver. The new alloy is richer in pure silver than the normally used 925 ‰ sterling silver. Also, the alloying metals are different from the customary.

Eco-Act-Silver doesn’t require any chemical treatment to achieve its fine silvery white colour, nor does it contain any allergens.

Using Eco-Act-Silver we were able to leave out hazardous and environmentally harmful elements like sulphuric acid. Cyanic baths to electroplate jewellery with a coat of fine silver are no longer necessary. Since we don’t use any harmful chemicals, there is absolutely no risk of toxic leakages.

This ecological process -  together with our superior design, technical quality and strong emphasis on skilful handicraft -  sum up our EcoAct-philosophy.